We have put together a list of questions that we are asked most often to try to help answer some of your questions as easily and quickly as possible.

Can I come in anytime to get myself started on WIC?
-Yes, our schedule is very flexible! Give us a call at (317)736-6628 to make an appointment.
What do I need to bring to my WIC appointment?
-We will need to see:

      • Each person that you are putting on the program. (We have to get heights and weights on each person participating.)
      • Proof of identity for yourself and each person who will be on the program. (One of the following: drivers license, hospital records, photo ID, birth certificate, social security card.)
      • Proof of your current address. (One of the following: bill or business letter, rent receipt, lease, current drivers license)
      • Proof of income for everyone in your *household who has a source of income. (Paycheck stubs for the past 30 days, award letter for alimony, child support or social security including SSI, unemployment or workers compensation statement.)
      • You may be automatically income eligible if you or certain family members participate in Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or SNAP. (Proof of eligibility is needed: Medicaid card for Medicaid or Award letter for TANF or SNAP.)

*Household means a group of people (related or not) who are living as one economic unit.

What are your income guidelines if I don’t have Medicaid, TANF or SNAP?
-Our income guidelines change every year, click here to see our updated income guidelines!

How does WIC screen income?
-We only use the last 30 days of income leading up to your appointment. For example: If you are a seasonal worker, have only periodic amounts of overtime or have been on maternity leave we will only look at the last 30 days of income before your appointment.

How often do you check income?
-Typically, for children and infants we only check one time a year and at women’s prenatal appointment then again at her postpartum appointment.

What if they gave me a date to return but no appointment time?
-If in your WIC Booklet calendar, or written on your shopping list, you have a date but no set time listed then this means you are just due in to reload your benefits onto the card. You do not require a set appointment time. In those cases you, or a proxy, may come in anytime as long as you are here at least a half hour before we close.

I’m having issues with my transportation and can’t make my WIC appointment, what do I do?
-If you are a member of Anthem’s Healthy Indiana Plan or the Hoosier Healthwise program you are covered for transportation services to your WIC appointments. Call LCP Transporation 24/7 at 1-800-508-7230 please give at least 48 hours notice before your appointment.
-Access Johnson County can get you to the WIC office, for fares and schedules go to www.accessjohnsoncounty.org or call 317-738-5523.
-A final option we now have is for an Uber* to pick you up, paid for by WIC, to attend your appointments and/or benefit pick up. This service MUST be scheduled by WIC staff so you will need to
call the Johnson County WIC office for arrangements.
*Uber transportation services are provided as long as funding is available.

Do I have to come in every month to get my card reloaded?
-Not Usually. Under normal circumstances you will only have to come into the WIC office once every 3 months to have the card reloaded. Keep in mind that there are special circumstances that you may have to come in sooner than 3 months but our WIC staff will always let you know of when that will be and you are always welcome to call to be sure.

How can I make changes to my food package? (Example: My child is lactose intolerant, can I change to lactose free milk?)
-If you ever need to make any kind of changes to your food package you will need to stop by our office to get those changes applied to your eWIC card. Feel free to call us if you are ever unsure if we will be able to make the those changes for you.

I went to the store and they said my balance is zero/my card didn’t work, what’s wrong with my card?
-More likely than not you have missed an appointment or benefit pick up and need to come into the office. We only have the capability to load up to 3 months at a time on your card. Give us a call to be sure if you need to reschedule an appointment that was missed or if you are able to just swing by to get your card reloaded.

Is there an easier way to keep track of my WIC benefits?
-Right now there are a few ways to check on your benefits. You can either call 1-855-349-1454, stop by the customer service desk to check the current balance at your local grocery store or you can now access your benefits through our eWIC benefit portal after setting up account. We are currently working on a WIC app for smart phones but it is not yet available.

What if I can’t make it into the office to reload my eWIC card?
-At your initial appointment at the WIC Office we ask if you want to designate anyone as a proxy that is able to come into the office on your behalf. Those proxies may come in to load your card anytime that you are not able to. If you ever need to change or add someone as a proxy to your account you can come into the office anytime to do so.

Will WIC help me get a breast pump?
-Yes, once you have delivered your baby we can help you with a loaner breast pump. You will have to speak with one of our lactation ladies to assess your current situation to best help you with the breast pump you will need. We can also help you get a breast pump through your insurance.